Success Based Recommendations

Deeply Vetted Candidates

Talent separates good from great - simply put, the difference between an outstanding performance of a team and hiccups in the road start with your talent selection. We take this concept further by examining each potential candidate extensively, conducting thorough needs analysis of our clients and matching the two. As a full service recruiting agency, we're able to increase our chances of their success along with the success of our client partners. 


Why Dig Deeper?

There's More There

Speed doesn't always align with precision and vice versa. Our practice focuses primarily on quality connections and developing a rich understanding of our candidate profiles. We dig deep to better understand where they've been to better predict where they're likely to go. Prior to starting a recruiting search, we spend time understanding intangibles that make for an ideal fit for your team.


One Size Does Not Fit All

Find a Custom Fit

Blue Point Search understands one size does not fit all - because of the uniqueness of each client partner and their teams, the same potential candidate will not align perfectly with everyone. We strive to deliver personalized candidate recommendations based on your hiring needs. Using time-tested interview techniques, we deliver vetted candidates, on time, and within the scope of your team.


Transition Specialist

Customized Solutions

Working with a staffing agency like Blue Point Search will allow you access to top performers not actively on the job market. Our well established contacts run deep throughout the country, creating an exclusive network of talent directly only to our clients. This access allows for better and more elaborate talent selection. 


Your Talent Partner

We are here

Our recruiting partnership means better candidates. We navigate competitive waters for you - while job postings only return a fraction of the candidates you should be choosing from, we cut through clutter to present top performers that aligns with your needs. Our goal is to create partnerships with our clients that are based on quality and loyalty.


Personalize Their Path

Time to fill

Candidates look for customized solutions to their job search; even when they didn't know they were in the market. We take extra steps to ensure our recommendations are succinct and aligned with your goals.



The Next Step:

Blue Point Search is ready and able to partner with you on your most difficult searches. Staffing Partners are standing by.