Talent Concierge

Select work in On Demand talent search for clients looking for a more personalized approach. Acting as your concierge through the talent market, we can assist in deeper talent acquisition. 


Save money through automating expensive recruiting processes while increasing candidate applicant rates and employer branding. We help to build turn-key recruiting operations that act as supplements to your existing platforms. While costly RPO models can produce mixed results, our Talent Concierge program includes direct hire recruiting to ensure finding the talent you need.


Market Conditions

More than almost any other external factor, existing market conditions will determine how successful your recruiting efforts are. Without the right partner, these outside influences play more of a role determining who you are able to attract from a talent perspective. Blue Point Search is able to cut through this typical trend and provide leading talent in even the most difficult economic climates.


Where is Your Solution?

A call or email away - when utilizing Blue Point Search On Demand, your needs are priority one, and our team will execute against even the toughest deadlines. We have been described by clients in the past as the most resourceful and scrappiest recruiters in the marketplace due to our level of service. You will want us on your side and actively spotting talent for you.


Timing is everything

This needs little explanation - timing is EVERYTHING. Talent can often appear when you least expect it. That said, Blue Point Search offers a solution to allow their On Demand clients first choice at these select candidates. A job search isn't right for everyone at every time, but we ensure when the perfect candidate is ready, you will be the first to know about them.

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