Truth about Job Search Confidentiality

It's no secret your online profile is more public now, than ever before. Between Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, these 3 sites represent the top 10 most visited sites in the world. There is no surprise that your current and potential future employer are using this public data to conduct due diligence before hiring.

So what is the truth about job search confidentiality? The truth is there are several things you can do to keep your job search more private. The first and most obvious suggestion is to be cautious who you decide to inform of your job search. The world is increasingly more connected and mentioning an interview, a job posting, or something similar could make it back to your employer. recently shared an infographic based on a recent study by Wakefield Research. It reveals the truth about job search confidentiality and how secure you actually are. It may be surprising to learn, 30% of those surveyed said it would be worse if coworkers found out about their job search versus an office romance.

There are a few additional tips you can use to ensure your job search confidentiality:

  1. Don’t conduct a search or send your resume from a work computer or work email
  2. Be mindful when you post your resume, your current employer can see
  3. When you update your LinkedIn to read like a resume, that can be a red flag
  4. When taking phone calls at work, be aware of those around you noticing
  5. Consider talking to your current employer about what’s causing you to look. You may be surprised.

Looking for a new job isn’t easy – do not get discouraged at the amount of time it may take to find something new. Keep the truth about job search confidentiality in mind when looking for a new job.