Seattle Recruiting – The Secrets to Better Recruiting in Seattle

The Seattle employment market is unlike any across the country. The fierce competition is heating up and major players including Boeing, Microsoft, Amazon and Starbucks continue to push their competition further.

Aside from the obvious industries including Aerospace and IT, there are a number of booming industries which are contributing to job growth and competition. According to the Office of Economic Development, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Global Healthcare, and Clean Technology are key industry sectors growing in the area.

So what are the secrets to better recruiting? Follow these 3 tips to maximize your success in the Seattle recruiting market.:


Understand Seattle Geography

See all of the water in this map? Seattle’s unique geography makes commuting and traffic a nightmare. Even though traffic has been bad for year, it is still something candidates consider heavily when considering a new position.

Best practice is to address this early and often with your candidates. Ask them about their current commute, how this new commute compares, and their comfort level in any change in commute. Ignoring this major consideration could result in an offer turndown.   



Pay close attention to timing

There is too much competition in the Seattle area to not keep timing in mind. While everyone’s situation is different, it is not uncommon for a job seeker to receive 2-3 offers when actively interviewing. Seattle’s growing need for tech talent makes this even more possible as companies seek to hire the best in the area.

Protect your investment (in your potential new hire) by asking about “other irons in the fire”. It’s perfectly acceptable etiquette and tells and employee you are interested and don’t want to get beat to the punch. 


Use A smaller job board

This may sound counterintuitive BUT, when you look at the cost of a Craigslist ad and the types of candidates who apply, it may be your best secret weapon. Candidates in Seattle like Craigslist because of its human approach. When you reply to a posting, candidates know their resume and email are going to a human, not a black hole applicant tracking system.

Candidates appreciate the ability to directly contact someone versus clicking an arbitrary “apply” button. This has been particularly valuable when recruiting Software Engineers who aren’t visiting job sites like to conduct their job search.

Other beneficial niche Seattle job sites include: 

About the Author: Robb Callon

Robb Callon is Senior Partner at Blue Point Search. He focuses on recruiting talent across the globe with a focus in major US markets. Blue Point Search helps companies become better through the candidates they hire. Our mission simple: deliver leading talent and game changers to top companies.