Millennials: Your Guide How to Get Hired


Robb Callon from Blue Point Search interviews NY Times Bestselling Author, social media personality and top sales trainer Grant Cardone on tips for millennials to get hired in their job search. While the market is changing, Grant tells you what CEOs want to hear when interviewing candidates and what will help you WIN the job with the company you want to work for. 

Goal: to help Millennials entering the job market to better position themselves to get hired.


  • Why are Millennials struggling to edge out their competition?
  • Is there a communication breakdown between generations? Specifically, are millennials struggling to get their message across to baby boomers, etc.?
  • How can millennials with little on the job experience prove their value to an organization?
  • What should employers know about millennials going into an interview?
  • As a non-millennial yourself, what non-millennial trait would be refreshing to you to see in an applicant?
  • Why aren’t more millennials in sales, given some of their strengths (social media, networking, etc.)

Grant narrows down the focus to 4 MAJOR takeaways:

1. Pick 3-5 companies you want to work for and focus on them
2. Get in front of them (whether they're hiring or not)
3. After you get their attention, CLOSE
4. Get your brain washed - don't believe what you've been told over the years