How to Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat

What comes to mind when we think of sitting in the driver's seat? Having an advantage, being in control, or otherwise in a position to make a decision. The Driver's Seat Hiring Strategy is based solely on this concept. The larger question then becomes, how do we put ourselves in the driver seat when interviewing for a new role or recruiting a candidate?

From a candidate stand point, follow these best practices to put yourself in the driver's seat:


Diligently prepare for the interview
Find out anything and everything you can with regard to the company and position. Research who you will meet with for potential connections.


Do not play hard to get
You will not hurt your negotiation position if you demonstrate sincere interest. If you play hard to get, it will send the improper message to the employer no matter your intent.


Role play with a trusted adviser/mentor
With real interview questions, share your answers in advance with someone. Encourage honest and critical feedback to improve your approach and delivery.

From a company perspective, use these 3 techniques to increase your hiring success rate:


Demonstrate genuine interest in all candidates
Candidates can sense when they aren’t engaging the interviewer. This often times is not the case, and the misconception can muddy the waters of the interviewing process.


Do not play hard to get
As the competitive nature of the hiring market intensifies, nothing will disconnect from candidates like playing hard to get. Sell your company, be humble and ask thought provoking questions that encourage push back.


Evaluate how your team interviews
Do not assume anything. Set expectations across all who are involved in the interviewing process. Assess personality types and match up appropriately.

By following these best practices, you will eliminate variables that will hijack the interviewing process from either side. You take control and put yourself and your team in the driver seat to make the decision. Surprises in the hiring process will be decreased as you have removed possible deal breakers.



About the Author: Robb Callon

Robb Callon is Senior Partner at Blue Point Search. He focuses on recruiting talent across the globe with a focus in major US markets. Blue Point Search helps companies become better through the candidates they hire. Our mission simple: deliver leading talent and game changers to top companies.