5 Largest Roadblocks to Hiring Greatness

Hiring the right candidate is difficult. At times it may seem as though the stars need to align to find the perfect candidate. Add in curve-balls, business climate, and general “life” happening, and hiring can go from something exciting to potentially your biggest headache.

Anticipating possible challenges to the hiring process can help eliminate surprises down the road. While all of these may not be in your control, being aware of their potential may help you navigate through challenging waters.

Here are the 5 most overlooked threats holding your company back from great hiring:

Overly cumbersome interview process

Too many cooks in the kitchen or a drawn-out interview process. There are numerous reasons this may not be streamlined, but it is the number 1 cause of a negative experience. Take a fresh look at yours and adjust as necessary.

Job market conditions

As unemployment rates decline and demand for talent increases you will, no doubt, be faced with increased competition among other companies hiring similar talent. While they may not be direct business competitors, vying for the same talent should put them on your radar.

Negative company reviews/press

In general, what do people think of your company? A quick Google search should reveal your answer. Though you may be unable to change negative publicity directly, you can gauge your team member’s satisfaction through employer surveys, and make changes as necessary.

Interview hijackers

FACT: Some people don’t know how to interview. While their intent isn’t necessarily to derail the hiring process, putting them in front of potential candidates can be a disaster. Identify them early, and consider precluding them from the interview process.

Online applications

In a fast paced world, what separates someone from applying on your website and not, could be as simple as an application online. Your user experience applying online is just as important as the advertisements you pay for. Review what it’s like for your users to apply online and make it as simple as possible. You don’t want to discourage someone from applying because of an overly complex online application.


We’re down to the details. These are what make the difference between the volume of candidates applying and the overall quality of candidates to choose from. Having an airtight interview process and feedback loop is crucial to securing the talent you need. Separate yourself from competitors, be nimble, and adjust as necessary.





About the Author: Robb Callon

Robb Callon is Senior Partner at Blue Point Search. He focuses on recruiting talent across the globe with a focus in major US markets. Blue Point Search helps companies become better through the candidates they hire. Our mission simple: deliver leading talent and game changers to top companies.